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GPS Time Synchronising Clock System

GPS Time Synchronising Clock System

Customer Requirement

  • GPS time clocks for their API & formulation units
  • Depending on the different plant layout, customers were looking for time sync options via wireless, NTP & some places PoE option
  • For lobby and small rooms, the requirement was for 4 digit( HH:MM) and for big areas like FG & RM store the requirement was for 6 digit (HH:MM:SS) clock
  • Time Sync few Servers in the plant

Systems and Tools

  • GPS master clock
  • Flameproof and non flameproof clocks
  • 4 digit & 6 digit clocks
  • 230 VAC & PoE clocks

Project Scope

  • Supply, installation and synchronisation of 300+ slave clocks across the plant over the wireless (RF) network with master clock which is synchronised with GPS
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