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Signal Isolator 9000Ex-1/ Ex-2

Signal Isolator 9000Ex-1/Ex-2

Masibus 9000Ex-1/9000Ex-2 Repeater power supply/ Signal Isolator is compact and rugged for Isolation of field signals from Hazardous area. It provides a fully floating dc supply for energising a conventional 2-wire/3-Wire 4-20mA transmitter or smart transmitter, which is located in Hazardous area. It repeats the current in another floating circuit to drive a safe-area load.

9000Ex-1/9000Ex-2 is a DIN-Rail mount Repeater power supply/ signal isolator with width of 17.6mm. 9000Ex-1 is a one channel and 9000Ex-2 is a two channel Repeater power supply/ Signal Isolator.

9000Ex-1/9000Ex-2 is highly accurate, have low Temperature drift and fast response time. It allows bidirectional signal communication between the hazardous and safe area by the connection of HART communicator. Polarised plugs and sockets are provided for hazardous area terminals.

The transmitter or other field device must be suitable for the process and have been assessed and verified for use in safety applications.

  • Intrinsically safe Associated Device
  • Compact DIN-Rail mount design of 17.6mm width
  • 2W transmitter input with HART Pass
  • High KV 3 port isolation of each channel
  • High Accuracy, low drift, low temperature effect
  • Input and Output well protected
  • Fast response suits all applications
  • Low power dissipation
  • Energising 2-WIre Transmitter located in Hazardous Area
  • Safety barrier for analog current signals
  • Isolation of process field signals
  • Distribution of signals in Automation Panels
  • Impedance matching of transmitters and receiver instruments
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