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Signal Isolator 9000L & 9000LE

Signal Isolator 9000L & 9000LE

Masibus 9000L and 9000LE Signal Isolators are compact yet rugged Isolators used for reliable isolation and transformation of industry standard field signals. 9000L model is available in one input with one or two output. 9000LE is available in one and two channel input/output with isolation.

9000L series Isolators are highly accurate, have low drift, low temperature coefficient, fast response, high noise rejection and housed in a compact DIN-Rail mount enclosure.
Model 9000L has Aux supply range of 20 to 265V AC/DC as a unique feature whereas model 9000LE has option of 2W Transmitter Input with HART pass through. With dual output option, these models also acts as signal distributor.

A typical application could be where the signal has to be distributed for indication on local panel, field control room, main control room or DCS system. The isolator provides a good protection for sensitive system parts against voltage spikes etc.

  • Compact DIN rail mounting of 35mm for single and dual output
  • 2W transmitter input in 9000LE with HART pass
  • Extended universal power supply range: 20V to 265V DC or AC for 9000L
  • High KV 3 port isolation
  • High accuracy, low drift, low temperature effect
  • Input and output well protected
  • Fast response suits all application
  • High CMRR and NMRR
  • Isolation of process field signals
  • Signal isolation in VFD panels
  • Distribution of signals in Automation Panels
  • Protect systems against field over voltage/lightning convert/distribute signals
  • Impedance matching of transmitters and receiver instruments
  • Powering of field transmitters
  • VFD Panel Builders
  • Water Treatment Plants
  • System Integrators
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