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Furnace Automation

Furnace Automation

We offer PLC based Furnace control system which provides very flexible Operational environment. Precise control of temperature can be achieved by PLC. Monitoring of required parameter can be done by using HMI or SCADA. The system can give Auto-Manual Control Feature without affecting operation cycle of furnace and auto calculation of time cycle through PLC in auto mode based on depth parameter. The system is consisting of furnace monitoring and control software which captures, stores temperature & other critical data from heat treatment process. User defined Report formats; recipe can be helpful for continuous product improvement & Quality management.

Masibus have expertise and proven track record on the following type of the furnaces.

  • Carburizing Furnace
  • Ladle Furnaces
  • Vacuum Furnaces
  • Reheat Furnace
  • Best Quality of material can be produced by automated precise Control Energy Saving
  •  Reduced material Cost; Reduced manufacturing Cost
  • Manpower Cost Reduction because automated process Reduced Scaling
  • Reduced Production time
  • Increased Furnace life

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