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Reactor Automation

Reactor Automation

Chemical reaction is a process that leads to the transformation of one set of chemical substances to another. This process generally takes place at specific atmospheric condition like temperature & Pressure. Also, it is required to stir large volumes of liquid raw materials in order to change the materials’ chemical characteristics to get intermediate product. This intermediate product may be poured off and sent to baking ovens. Masibus offers Customized solution for Reactor Control which includes PLC / DCS & SCADA / HMI. PLC / DCS will take logic algorithm for Safety,  Process interlock, Startup & Shutdown, batch processes and process parameter control.  Supervisory Control & monitoring will be taken care of, by SCADA.

  • Energy saving
  • Reduced material Cost & Reduced manufacturing Cost
  • Better Process quality control
  • Reduced maintenance & reduced manpower Cost

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