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IIOT Solution

IIOT Solution

Industry 4.0 (Industrial Internet of Things) is becoming popular and more and more number of users want their plant and machines to take advantage of the 4th revolution of Industrial automation.

Masibus plays a significant role by providing signal conditioning, DAQ products, energy meters, vibration sensors/transmitters and data integration capabilities. To enhance the solution for the customers, we partner with multiple IIoT companies from Europe and USA and play a significant OT(Operational Technology) partner role by providing Field data to IT Platforms.

Masibus represents HMS eWON and Cogent solutions which provide perfect remote monitoring, cloud connectivity to any devices, IIoT Gateway, OPC DA/UA Gateway, and data tunneler for real time data access and secure connectivity with on premises or cloud system without exposing your network to attacks by hackers/viruses that can propagate over an unsecured network and without configuring any inbound firewall ports to OT network.

Masibus is a national distributor of OPTO22 USA, OPTO22 Groov EPIC is world’s first Edge Programmable Industrial Controller. To address challenges of IIOT like complexity, security, and cost, Groov EPIC processor provides control, connectivity, data handling, and visualization at the edge of your network and is ideal for industrial internet of things (IIoT) applications or any automation application.

  • Process and Domain Expertise
  • OT Solution and Service Partner for IIOT Application
  • Quality and Timely Delivery of Solution & Service
  • Flexible business model for IT Partner
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