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Power Monitoring & Control System

Power Monitoring & Control System

Power monitoring & control system plays a critical role in medical and healthcare facilities, where uninterrupted electrical power is vital for a patient’s life and safety. Joint Commission International (JCI) provides accreditation for hospitals throughout the world which is considered a gold standard in accreditation. JCI standards define that performance expectations, structures, and functions for power monitoring & control systems must be in proper place for a hospital to be accredited by them.

Masibus provided solution for automated monitoring and maintenance systems include facilities such as: UPS Systems, HV/LV Feeders, Generators, ATS (Automatic Transfer Switch), breakers, IPS Panels which provide EPSS (Emergency Power Supply Systems) reports as per the JCI accreditation standard.

  • Significantly reducing the risk of outages and increasing patient safety
  • Reduces meantime to recovery in case of outage by alerting  maintenance personnel in real time
  • Power analysis and report generation for power quality
  • Energy dashboard
  • Breaker aging
  • Alarm systems
  • Reduce energy consumption
  • Patient safety through a centralised operating ward alarm system

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