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Cement Industy

Cement Industry

ID/FD Monitoring System
  • Elements like seal failure, bearing failure, poor lubrication, coupling problem misalignment and fan/ blower Imbalance can be monitored using a online vibration monitoring system.
  • Frequency of failures will reduce by online vibration monitoring
  • Alarm level can be set as per the criticality
  • Measurements can be acceleration or velocity
Online Balancing System

The active balancing system automatically compensates unbalance during the operation of a machine. The system comprised of five parts: the balancer, actuator coil, sensor, controller, and software. Unlike traditional “off-line” balancing techniques, which require the rotating asset must stopped while corrections are made, Online balancer corrects unbalance in running condition.

The balancer installed permanently onto the rotating shaft; sensor continuously monitors the vibration levels while running. When an increase in vibration detected above a pre determined level, the controller initiates an advisory message as to change in state of the unbalance. It then instructs the balancer to make an automatic balance correction.

Balance adjustments can be made during start-up, normal operation and shutdown. This can be applied to fans, pumps, turbines, generators, compressors, grinders, lathes, spindles, drive shafts, and aircraft propellers.

Features & Benefits of Online Balancing System

  • Time savings through fast electromagnetic drive and adaptive balancing methods
  • Balancing during machine operation
  • Increased product quality and machine availability
  • Suitable for very high speeds
  • Permanent unbalance monitoring
  • Unbalance correction within short time
  • Neutral position for manual prebalancing
  • Eliminates vibration-related emergency shutdowns or de-ratings
  • Reduces start-up time by allowing for real-time trim balancing
  • Increases equipment life, reduces maintenance costs
  • Quick payback
  • Automatic or Manual mode operation
  • Trim balances running condition
  • Real-time health and condition monitoring
  • Fail-safe system
  • Windows operating and visualization software
  • Field balancing software
  • Compensation of operational unbalances
Process Industry

Fans, Compressors – correction of unbalance due to trash buildup, dirt accumulation Paper rolls – compensation of unbalance due to thermal distortion, condensate build-up Pumps – compensation of hydraulic unbalance

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