Data Acquisition

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Masibus offers broad range of Data Acquisition (DAQ) products and solutions for measurement, monitoring and data logging.

  • DAQ Products, Solutions & Services
  • Multi Channel Scanners, Data Loggers, MINT I/Os
  • Process Indicators, Signal Converters
  • Transmitters & Humidity Sensors
  • Power Meters/ Power Transducers
  • Wireless GPS Clock/ Display Units
  • Remote Gateways
  • SCADA Software – Citect
  • Groov – Mobile Monitoring & Control/ PC Log – DAS Software
  • Engineering & SCADA Solutions
  • Up-gradation of existing SCADA System
  • Annual Maintenance Contract

DAQ Applications

  • Plant wide SCADA System
  • Remote Monitoring System
  • City Power Distribution SCADA
  • Energy/ Utility Monitoring System
  • Substation Monitoring System
  • FDA – 21CFR Complied SCADA System
  • Boiler Efficiency Monitoring
  • Equipment Performance Monitoring System
  • Stove Dome Temperature Measurement System
  • Solar Plant SCADA
  • Pipeline SCADA/ Pumping Station SCADA
  • Building Management System
  • Boiler Tube Temperature Monitoring System
  • CNG/ LPG Station Data Acquisition
  • Environment Data Monitoring System

Customer Benefits

  • 40 Years of design and manufacturing experience
  • Every product is shipped with test and calibration report
  • Guaranteed repair, service and spares for 10 years
  • In-house Verification and Validation Lab
  • ISO certified Calibration LAB-Elec» Temp» Pres» IR» Vib
  • Expertise in third party integration
  • High level expertise in SCADA
  • Remote, On-Site Engineering & Start-Up services