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GPS Time Sync Units MC-1-DE & MC-1-DH

GPS Time Sync Units MC-1-DE & MC-1-DH

Masibus GPS Master Clock MC-1-DE & MC-1-DH are the most compact and accurate Time Synchronization Units developed for various industries like the Power and Process industry. It has the options of various output types, required for interface with various systems and devices.GPS Master Clock MC-1-DH model has 7-segment LED display (date/time configuration). The unit is constructed in a form factor suitable for DIN Rail, Wall mount or Panel mount option. GPS Time Sync Unit is designed for Reliability and provides base time accuracy of 150nsec.

GPS Time Sync Unit supports time code and pulse signals complying with standards like RS232/485 serial, PPS, IRIG-B, NTP, these outputs have ample drive capability to drive multiple loads in parallel and its parameters are fully configurable. The GPS receiver has built-in RTC backed up with on board battery to maintain time during power loss and instant recovery on power resumption. It also has very low ppm crystal to maintain accurate time when GPS signal is lost.

GPS Time Sync Unit has discrete LEDs that provide at-glance status and health information. Parameters like IP, gateway and subnet mask are programmable through Ethernet port. MC-1-DE is also programmable via hyper terminal on the serial port

In case of more than one Ethernet port, each port is individually programmable only for network related parameters.

Masibus has four decades of design experience and has supplied hundreds of GPS clocks for the most demanding applications in the power and process industries. Masibus clocks have been successfully interfaced with all types of devices like DFR, SOE, Relays, PLC, DCS, IEDs, servers and many more.

  • Cost effective solution
  • Compact DIN Rail /Panel/Wall Mount Enclosure
  • 6 digits, 0.56″ 7-segment LED Display for Time/Date in MC-1-DH model
  • 12 Satellite parallel tracking
  • Universal (AC/DC) Power supply input
  • Supports synchronization of IEC61850 compliant devices via NTP/SNTP protocol
  • All weather water proof antenna
  • Synchronization software for Server & Client
  • Optional Diagnostic Relay outputs (Watch dog, GPS Lock)
  • Solid state relay for programmable event
  • Supporting Protocols:
    • IRIG-B Modulated
    • IRIG-B TTL
    • SNTP/NTP
    • NMEA/ T-Format/ NGTS
  • Sequence of event recorders
  • Disturbance recorders
  • Numerical relays
  • PMU a Synchrophasor measurement
  • UNIX, Linux & Windows servers
  • Slave clocks PLC/DCS/SCADA
  • ABT metering
  • UNIX, Linux, Solaris & Windows servers
  • EMS system
  • Slave Clocks
  • Renewable Energy
  • Transportation Industry
  • Oil and Gas Industry
  • Healthcare Industry
  • Banking Industry
  • Finance Industry
  • IT Networks and Data Center
  • Cement Industry
  • Chemical Industry
  • Fertilizer Industry
  • Paper Industry
Product Catalog

MC-1-DE User Manual

MC-1-DH User Manual

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