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MTS300R masTER Redundant GPS Time Server

MTS300R masTER Redundant GPS Time Server
MTS300R masTER Redundant GPS Time Server
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Masibus masTER Time-Sync MTS300R is Redundant time server and capable to serve time synchronization requirements in various industries like power, process, Datacentres and IT Networks, telecom, Oil and Gas, Cement, Paper, Chemical, Fertilizer, Security and Surveillance etc. MTS300R is a Network time server housed in a compact and modular 19″ 3U rack monted package that can accomodate all power supply, CPU, clock as well as multiple timing output card.

Masibus MTS300R is a GPS/GLONASS based time server has both redundant and non-redundant option. When considered with redundant option, provides complete redundancy over Power supply and GPS receiver functionality for reliable and continuous operation. CPU card has intelligent switching facility capable of handling GPS receiver redundancy logic along with each clock card healthy LED indication.MTS300R has a 20 x 2 LCD display for viewing of time parameters, status of GPS receiver parameters and discrete LEDs provide at-a-glance status and health information. In addition to above, it provides flexibility to choose from available different output card options like 1PPS, IRIG-B TTL (DCLS) / IRIG-B Amplitude Modulated , NTP/SNTP, Serial NMEA frame over RS232/RS485, Event/Relay, IEEE 1588 PTPv2, Pulse FO, 2.048 MHz frequency (E1) output, Frequency deviation output over RS485. MTS300R GPS Master clock is TCXO/OCXO based built-in RTC backed up with on board rechargable battery to maintain time during power loss and instant recovery on power resumption. MTS300R GPS time synchronization unit provides maximum 36 number of timing output.

Network Time Protocol (NTP)
MTS300R is a Stratum1 NTP Server/SNTP Server for synchronizing all types of NTP and SNTP clients in LAN. NTP v2/v3 and v4 with all modes (Unicast / Broadcast / Multicast) and NTP related all necessary MD5 authentication mechanisms are supported in this device. It is also capable to record and log internal CPU clock drift and accuracy statistics and displays it graphically on MTS200R webserver. It can also synchronize IEC61850 devices using SNTP.

Precision Time Protocol (PTP)
MTS300R will works as a IEEE 1588 PTP Grand Master (PTPv2 Time server). It support default profile, Power Profile (IEEE C37.238-2011, IEEE C37.238-2017) and Power Utility profile (IEC 61850-9-3). Works on a BMCA (Best Master Clock Algoritham) algoritham in case of multiple master. It can also be referred as Precision time server.

MTS300R GPS Time synchronization unit which supports IRIG-B 00x and IRIG-B 12x timing output. It also supports 2.048Mhz (75 ohm interface confirming to ITU-T G.703) synchronization interface to meet the time synchronization requirement of the communication system.

Networking Protocols
MTS300R GPS Network time synchronization Unit supports a full suite of networking protocols for its own administration and configuration management. These are IPv4/v6, TCP, UDP, DHCP, HTTP, HTTPS, SNMP, SSH, SCP, SYSLOG, TELNET.

Security Features
MTS300R provides secured access for configuration and management through SSH, SCP, HTTPS. Full featured SNMP protocol with encryption DES/AES and authentication SHA/MD5 mechanisms. User accesses for Console and web program are encrypted password supported.

User Friendly Setup and Administration
MTS300R is simple to install and easy to manage. Front panel controls allows network configuration and other set-up parameters. DHCP and IPv6 AUTOCONF feature capability makes MT3200R easy & ready to use on site network. Further, MTS300R can be completely configured remotely through Webserver, SSH, SNMP, Telnet & Serial port. MTS300R can send notifications regarding various internal alarms to remote servers through SYSLOG and SNMP as well as logs it internally for future reference.

Major application in time synchroniation is Substation automation, network servers and relays.

  • GPS based time Server available in Redundant & Non-Redundant options
  • Internal Comparator / Switching module
  • Auto / Manual with Clock1/Clock2 switch for receiver selection
  • 12 Satellite parallel tracking
  • 20 x 4 LCD Display with Status LED’s
  • Redundant or Independent Ethernet port
  • NTP v2/v3/v4 with MD5 authentication with symmetric and autokey management
  • Secured Web server
  • IPv4, IPv6, UDP, TCP, SNMP, SSH, SCP, HTTP, HTTPS, SYSLOG, Telnet, FTP networking protocols
  • Remote Alarm notifications via SNMP, SYSLOG
  • Remote configuration using SSH, Web, SNMP, Telnet
  • USB Port
  • Universal Time-zone and DST Settings
  • Supports synchronization of IEC61850 compliant devices via NTP/SNTP protocol
  • Highly accurate TCXO Type crystal (OCXO Optional)
  • Compact 19’’, 3U Rack mount enclosure
  • NTP Client Synchronization software
  • Diagnostic Relay outputs
  • Supporting Timing Protocols:
    • IRIG-B Modulated
    • IRIG-B TTL
    • SNTP/NTP
    • PTPv2
    • 2.048 MHz frequency output (ITU-T G.703 Standard)
  • Sequence of Event recorders, Disturbance recorders, PMU a Synchrophasor measurement
  • Numerical relays, Protection Relays,IEDs
  • ABT metering
  • UNIX, Linux, Solaris & Windows servers
  • EMS system
  • Slave Clocks
  • Power Industry
  • Transportation Industry
  • OIl and Gas Industry
  • Healthcare Industry
  • Banking and Finance Industry
  • IT Networks and Data Center
  • Cement Industry
  • Chemical and Fertilizer Industry
  • Paper Industry
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