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Temperature Transmitter IPAQ-C520

Temperature Transmitter IPAQ-C520

The IPAQ C520 transmitters are universal, isolated, dual-input temperature transmitters with additional voltage and resistance input. The IPAQ C520N is approved for Non-Incendive use in Ex-Zone 2.C520X/C520XS are Intrinsically Safe versions for use in Ex-Zone 0, 1 and 2. The transmitters are compatible with the HART 6 protocol. Typical characteristics are the high accuracy, stability and reliability combined with a robust housing.

  • Basic accuracy and long-term stability
  • Ambient temperature stability
  • Customized linearization
  • Adjustable filtering
  • Sensor matching doubles the accuracy
  • Sensor backup
  • Single-sensor or dual-sensor input
  • Sensor drift monitoring
  • Sensor isolation monitoring
  • Measurements with RTD’s and potentiometers
  • Measurements with Thermocouples and plain voltage
  • SIL 2 compliance
  • ConSoft configuration software
  • Configuration alternatives
  • HART 6 compliance
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