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Differential Pressure Transmitter- DPT7S10

Differential Pressure Transmitter- DPT7S10

Masibus Differential Pressure Transmitter is designed for highly accurate differential pressure measurement and signal conditioning for a wide range of industrial, pharmaceutical and building automation applications. DPT7S10 is most technologically advanced transmitters on the market measuring differential pressure with field selectable range.

DPT7S10 transmitter senses very low pressures of air and non-combustible, compatible gases and sends a standard 4 to 20mA output signal or send a signal values on modbus. DPT7S10 transmitter is available in wall mount for both loop and aux powered to suite various industrial environments. Transmitter provides linear output signals proportional to differential pressure input.

DPT7S10 transmitter provides ± 2% of FS accuracy and having sensor with fully calibrated and linearized output. All these devices provide high performance in a compact and lightweight design.
DPT7S10 is a programmable, microcontroller-based, 2-wire, differential pressure transmitter. It features an IP65 enclosure and an LCD display. DPT7S10 can be easily configured for pressure unit, unidirectional or bi-directional, range, output type (4~20 / 20~4 mA), zero and span values of input as well as output etc. Loop powered 4-20 mA DC output signals can be fed as input to remote display, recorder, controller or PLC/DCS over a long distance.

  • Wide loop supply voltage range from 10VDC to 36VDC
  • Custom built LCD 4-digit display
  • Configurable unit measurement in mmWC / Pa
  • Available in compact and lightweight design for easy and simple wall mount installation
  • Configurable by front keypad (Available in device with display)
  • Password protected calibration mode and front keypad provides easy and quick calibration (Available in device
    with display)
  • PC based software for configuration, calibration & monitoring
  • Linearized analog 4-20mA signal output
  • High reliability and long-term stability
  • High accuracy and fully digital programmable transmitter
  • Advanced digital differential pressure sensor technology
  • Isolated RS485 communication with aux powered model
  • Ideal for HVAC application
  • Building automation
  • Pharmaceutical labs/industry
  • Pressure monitoring in clean rooms
  • Research laboratories
  • Data acquisition, analysis and processing
  • Valve and damper control
  • Fan, blower and filter monitoring
  • Oven pressurization
  • Power Sector
  • OLTC Manufacturer
  • System Integrator
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