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Vibration Analyzer – Viber X5

Vibration Analyzer – Viber X5


    • Accurate measurements for 4 selectable frequency ranges
    • Real-time measurement of the total vibration level and the Bearing Condition (BC), shown simultaneously
    • The largest amplitude peak frequency in RPM or Hz in main screen display
  • Measurement units and measurement presentation may be selected by the user from the following list:
    • g-value = (RMS, Peak or Peak-Peak)
    • a = m/s² (RMS, Peak or Peak-Peak)
    • V = mm/sec (RMS, Peak or Peak-Peak)
    • V = inch/sec (RMS, Peak or Peak-Peak)
    • D = mills (RMS, Peak or Peak-Peak)
    • D = µm (RMS, Peak or Peak-Peak)
  • Bearing Condition measurements
  • Bar indicator shows measurement stability
  • Large dynamic range of the vibration signal (up to 50 g)
  • Low power consumption
  • Clear vibration, temperature and danger alarms by red and yellow color LED’s
  • Easy to understand and operate
  • Advanced technology with DSP processor
  • Display with backlight
  • Several languages are available
  • Adjustable Auto-shut off for energy saving
  • Dust and waterproof for rough use (IP65)

8 Channel Flame Proof Scanner 8208-XP

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• Temperature scanner with alarm
• Flame proof temperature scanner

8/16/24 Channel Scanner/Protection Relay cum Data Logger 85XX+

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4-Channel Scanner / Protection Relay 8204

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• Explosion proof scanner

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