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Non-contact type Vibration Sensors

Non-contact type Vibration Sensors

The non-contacting displacement probe transducer systems are gap to voltage devices that measure static as well as dynamic distances between the probe tip and the observed target.The probe tip is constructed of polyphenylene sulfide, a high performance plastic, impervious to oil, water and many different chemical liquids.

The probe housing is made of stainless steel and the probe cable is concentric with PTFE isolation. The most common use is for shaft position and relative vibration measurement on rotating machinery.

The transducer detects in the return signal the strength loss for the eddy-currents generated in the observed surface and conditions the signal for linear voltage output. The probe-transducer system indicates the dynamic motion of the shaft relative to the bearing.


4/8 Channel Weather Proof Scanner 8208-IP

• IP65 Weatherproof protection
• Weatherproof temperature scanner
• Explosion proof scanner

8-Channel Scanner / Protection Relay 8208

• Multi channel temperature data logger
• Multi channel temperature scanner
• Multi channel Universal Analog Input Module

4-Channel Scanner / Protection Relay 8204

• Multi Channel Monitoring of Process Values
• 4 Channels Universal Input
• Built-in Isolated RS485 with Modbus RTU

8/16/24 Channel Scanner/Protection Relay cum Data Logger 85XX+

• Multi serial ports
• Enhanced channel scanner

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