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Triaxial Accelerometer 131

Triaxial Accelerometer 131

Triaxial Accelerometer

The hermetic sealed triaxial industrial piezoelectric accelerometer model 131 is design to monitor the vibration in harsh industrial environment. Triaxial Accelerometer uses the industry standard ®ICP 2-wire voltage transmission technique with a 2 mA minimum constant current supply. Signal ground is isolated from the mounting surface and outer case to prevent ground loops. Faraday shielding will limit sensitivity to ESD to a minimum. Annular shear mode design will prevent from thermal transient and from spurious signal from high transverse vibrations. Low noise electronic and a temperature compensated design will give you accurate result over the complete temperature range. Large choice of frequency range will help to fit almost every customer requirements. Low frequency accelerometers (A=9X, 0X) incorporate a low-pass filter within the conditioning electronics. This filter attenuate the sensor mechanical resonance and the associated distortion and overload.

Triaxial Accelerometer is used for Vibrations measurement in the rugged environments of industrial machinery monitoring. Used for Vibrations measurement in the rugged environments of industrial machinery monitoring.


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