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Flame Proof Vibration Switch VSW-160

Flame Proof Vibration Switch VSW-160

VSW160 Electronic Vibration Switch provides essential protection for critical equipments like fans, pumps, motors, compressors, etc. It measures the vibration with inbuilt ICP accelerometer when Switch is mounted on the machine and generates relay output for Alarm or shutdown when vibration levels exceed the preset threshold value. VSW160 has rugged design suitable for harsh environments and hazardous areas of Zone 1 & 2, Gas Groups: IIA/ IIB & IIC.
VSW160 Electronic Vibration Switch is available in two options 1) with built in piezoelectric ICP 100mV/g Sensor or 2) With Remote piezoelectric ICP 100mV/g Sensor. VSW160 has bright 3½ digit display and touch Sense Keys for Set point display & manual reset. Optional isolated 4-20mA analog output proportional to Acceleration or Velocity range is available to interface with PLC/DCS/RTU for centralized monitoring and protection.

VSW160 has two independent set points adjustable throughout the range by means of internal multi-turn potentiometers, Relay outputs driven by the set point comparators can be used for Alarm and Trip purpose, the relays are DIP switch configurable for normal or Fail safe Logic, the relays are latching type and resettable by the manual reset key on front or by remote contact closure.

VSW160 is a much more accurate and reliable replacement for the Mechanical vibration switches.

  • Switch-Indicator-Transmitter functionality
  • Remote sensor or inbuilt sensor option
  • Bright 3½ digit, 7 segment LED display
  • Touch Sense Keys for Set point display & manual reset
  • Measurement Parameters: Velocity, Acceleration
  • Unit: RMS, Peak-to-Peak or Peak(1) (factory set)
  • Precise isolated analog output 4-20mA (optional) for interfacing further to PLC, SCADA System or other instrumentation
  • Relay output
  • Protection: IP 65, Flameproof (Explosion Proof) EX-d
  • Area Classification: Zone 1 & 2, Gas Groups: IIA/ IIB & IIC
  • Mounting: Machine mount or wall mount with remote sensor
  • Protection of Fans, Pumps, Motors, Blowers etc.
  • Reliable Replacement of Mechanical type Vibration switches
  • Ideal for CTID fan monitoring
  • Gear boxes
  • Blowers
  • Compressors
  • Pulp and paper machinery
  • Conveyors
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