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Wireless Humidity & Temperature Transmitter HT16Ew

Wireless Humidity & Temperature Transmitter HT16Ew

Masibus Manufacturer of Model HT16Ew which is Zigbee based wireless Temperature and Humidity Transmitter to measure, display and transmit Relative Humidity and Temperature with high accuracy, the data is streamed wirelessly over Zigbee network at set interval. Even if the user wishes to push the data in between of set interval than it can be done by pressing the front key. The unit has low power consumption, operates on 2 pair of AA Lithium cells and is housed in an elegant wall mount IP62 enclosure.

At the heart of the Transmitter is the built-in RH & Temperature sensor chip, highly accurate with excellent long term stability, the measurements are displayed on a custom built LCD display with engineering units and 0.1 resolution, besides the real time values the unit also captures and displays statistical Min and Max values.

The custom built display of HT16Ew wireless Transmitter indicates the RH and Temperature values along with Battery status & wireless signal strength.

The wireless Data transmission is based on ZigBee protocol, the preferred protocol for low power devices, and the transmission frequency is on the license free 2.4GHz ISM band, the transmission range is 90 meters typically without line of sight the data is pushed by the individual Transmitters to the logger/PC at set interval, Routers/Repeaters can be used to increase the network range.

HT16Ew wireless Transmitter communicates with Receiver over Zigbee protocol. If communication breaks between Transmitter and Receiver than HT16Ew will log the data in its internal memory and when communication re-establishes between both devices, HT16Ew will send all data to Receiver.

Model HT16Ew wireless Transmitter is typically a battery operated low powered device giving battery life of close to 2 years, as it transmits the data at 1min interval with exception based protocol. Also the configuration port gives the option of using power supply via USB adaptor wherever mains power is available.

  • Water and dust resistance IP62 based design
  • ZigBee wireless T/RH transmitter with Integral display
  • Operates License free band of 2.4GHz
  • Low Power Battery operated T/RH with long Battery life
  • Max and Min readings
  • Hi/Lo Alarms
  • Battery Status and Signal strength indication
  • Configuration port for Mains Adaptor, Zigbee configuration & log data retrieval
  • Custom built LCD display
  • Can operate both in Star & Mesh network
  • Configurable by front keypad supported by Masibus wireless logger & PC software
  • Auto back filling feature for data assurance
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Wireless sensor for Clean Rooms & Warehouses
  • Food Industry
  • Building Automation
  • HVAC Systems
  • Cold Storages
  • Energy Management
  • Laboratory & Medical Industries
  • Pharmaceutical
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