IIot Gateway

MSG-21 Masibus IIoT Gateway

The MSG-21 gateway can be remotely configured via it’s web server and can be easily set up to read serial devices like Drives, PLC, IO modules, HMI, etc., the MQTT publishing interval is programmable. It is compatible with all IIoT servers that supports MQTT protocol.

Multi Channel Scanners

8/16/24 Channel Scanner/Protection Relay cum Data Logger 85XX+

Enhanced Data Acquisition Scanner Masibus 85XX⁺ has 8 Relay and 24 OC outputs which can be freely mapped as alarm/trip or control set point. 85XX⁺ comes with one RS485 Port as standard, a second RS485 Port, Ethernet Port & Profibus DP Port are to enhance communication.

Multi Channel Scanners

4-Channel Scanner / Protection Relay 8204

4 Channel Scanner / Protection Relay Masibus model 8204 offers multi-channel monitoring with advanced functions and simple programming features in very compact 1/8 DIN size for monitoring process values and protection application. 8204 has flexible configuration option for 4 channels accepting universal input & 4 relays to serve various application.

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