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Signal Isolator 9000C

Signal Isolator 9000C

Masibus 9000C Signal Isolator is slim yet rugged 4-wire and 2-wire isolator used for reliable isolation and attenuation of industry standard field signals. 9000C is available in Single or Dual output models.

9000C has higher noise rejection ratio that ensures accurate and noise free signal conditioning. Its Slim DIN rail mount design occupies less space and reduces cost of overall installation.

With DOP (AP only), this model also acts as Signal distributor/converter. A typical application could be where the signal has to be distributed for indication on local panel, field control room, main control room or DCS system. The Isolator provides good protection to sensitive system parts against voltage spikes,Noise etc. Model 9000C (AP) has built-in Transmitter Power Supply (TPS) to drive field transmitters delivering 0/4-20 mA DC outputs signal.

An exceptional feature of advanced extended universal power supply for the range of 20V to 265V DC or AC makes 9000C suitable for power supply range available in field thus providing easy installation and stock.

9000C ‘M’ version model is further enhanced with Switch selectable I/O configuration for I/O ranges 0/4-20mA, 0/1-5V and 0-10V. This feature allows user to have freedom to change 0/4-20mA, 0/1-5V and 0-10V I/O types, using switch available on side of device and with minor tuning using front accessible trim-pots, depending upon field requirements.

With 9000C ‘L’ LP Version, overall wiring can be reduced availing same performance and overall power consumption can be reduced.

Dedicated 9000C model with HART pass through feature, (available in AP only) compatible with 2-wire transmitter, allows user to configure HART compatible transmitters without disrupting HART signals and wirings.

Masibus 9000C model offers excellent accuracy and stability for reliable operation in hostile environments and full 3-port isolation safely separates input channel, each output channel and the power supply.

9000C Signal Isolator used as a Signal Conditioner, Signal Splitter, Signal Converter, Isolated Barrier, Signal Amplifier. 9000C SOP is CE Mark Isolator version

  • Available in Aux Powered (AP) and Loop Powered (LP) options
  • Slim DIN rail mount design of 12.5mm for single output and 17.5mm for dual output
  • Rugged & accurate 4 wire and 2 wire Isolator
  • Switch option for 0/4-20mA, 0/1-5V and 0-10V I/O selection
  • Extended universal power supply range: 20V to 265V DC or AC (Aux Powered Model)
  • Up to 2 outputs with short circuit protection
  • Full three port isolation
  • High CMRR and NMRR
  • High output load driving capability
  • Wide zero & span adjustment limits
  • Front calibration facility via multiturn trimpot
  • Lowest long term drift
  • Available with EMI-EMC compliance (optional)
  • HART pass through feature (optional, available in AP compatible with 2 wire transmitter)
  • Field interface device
  • Isolation of field signals
  • Distribution of signals
  • Factory automation
  • Translation of signals
  • DCS
  • Impedance matching of transmitters and receiver instruments
  • Powering of field transmitters
  • Power Stations
  • Cement
  • Waste Water Treatment Plants
  • Sugar
  • Pulp & Paper
  • Metal
  • Panel Manufacturing
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