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NTS20 Network Time Server (For IT, Surveillance and Automation System)

NTS20 Network Time Server

NTS20 Network Time Server is an accurate, low cost, extremely compact Din Rail mount GPS for network time synchronisation.
Network Time Server takes the time from GPS satellites and provide accurate time output over NTP protocol, to synchronize slave devices with 1 milliseconds accuracy or better with respect to universal UTC time. NTP is an “open source” (royalty free) time synchronization distribution and this feature is freely/already available in computer servers with different OS support, IP Cameras and NVR’s.

NTS20 is a compact Time Server having time signal output like NTP used for time synch applications. It is having USB port for Configuration. NTS20 NTP server provides accurate reference time signals for synchronisation of security related applications that includes time synchronisation of DVR and NVR, servers, access control servers, operator workstations, and even IP cameras. More general applications include time-synchronisation of Windows, Mac and Linux PCs and servers.

NTS20 Network Time server is supplied with GPS Magnetic Antenna with built in LNA. It is supplied with 3 meter of RG174 cable terminated with an SMA male connector. It can be fixed to any window which has a clear view of the sky. Optionally Roof top antenna and antenna cable with extended length is provided if required. NTS20 Network Time server can be powered up over the network by PoE or by a 5V DC power supply.

  • Accurate, Compact Network Time Server
  • 12 Satellite parallel tracking
  • USB port for Configuration
  • PoE option
  • Supporting Timing Protocols:
    • NTP/SNTP
    • NMEA (GPRMC)
  • NTP v2/v3 With MD5/SHA Authentication
  • IPv4, UDP, TCP, SNMP, HTTP,Telnet networking protocols
  • Remote Alarm notification by SNMP
  • Time Synchronization of
    • Various security devices such as IP Camera, CCTV, DVR, NVR, biometric identification devices, Access control system
    • Microsoft Windows, Linux, Servers/Clients, workstations and network infrastructure
    • Automation Systems, SCADA, Network Monitoring and Control Systems (PLC/DCS)
  • Security and Surveillance Industry
  • Automation Industry
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