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Temperature Transmitter TT7S

Temperature Transmitter TT7S

TT7S Series Transmitters are designed for isolated and accurate temperature measurements and signal conditioning applications. TT7S10 is 2-wire loop powered model and TT7S11S is 4-wire auxiliary powered model. TT7S10 and TT7S11S are available in DIN rail version and TT7S10-H is available in head mount version. All the models are programmable for thermocouples, Pt-100 RTD, mV and resistance/potentiometer. Output signal is standard 4-20mA in 2-wire and mA or volts in 4-wire models. Programming of the transmitters is easy by means of user friendly mTRAN windows based configuration software.

TT7S Series Transmitters are built using the latest technology to deliver high performance in accuracy, resolution, stability and isolation. Zero/Span adjustments, sensor break detection/protection, reverse output and reverse polarity protection are standard features across all models.

Software techniques like polynomial linearization and digital filtering gives linearized and stable output in harsh industrial conditions, high level of isolation between input and output prevents ground loop errors and protects costly measurement and control systems under fault conditions.

mTRAN a windows based software is used for configuring, calibration and monitoring the TT7S Transmitters.

  • Universal input (RTD, Thermocouple, Ohm, mV)
  • Full three port isolation
  • Linearized output
  • Highly accurate
  • Fully programmable for input type & range
  • Fast response time: <500 ms
  • Digital filter
  • Available with EMI-EMC compliance (Applicable for TT7S11S only and optional)
  • Windows based mTRAN software for configuration, calibration & monitoring
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • Direct/Reverse output
  • Sensor break detection
  • Loop/Aux-powered models
  • Industrial process control
  • Factory automation
  • Interface SCADA
  • Heat treatment furnaces
  • Reheat furnaces
  • Ceramic Kilns
  • Glass Industry
  • Water and waste water control
  • Power Plants
  • Metal
  • Oil & Gas
  • Chemical
  • Glass
  • Cement
  • Fertilizer
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