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Vibration Analyzer- Viber X5

Vibration Analyzer – Viber X5


  • Unbeatable price VS performance ratio
  • Coast- down/- up, Orbit analysis, bearing condition, Amplitude and Phase, Envelope, Spectra
  • Data logger for long-term recording
  • Route based data collection
  • No additional software upgrade cost, No annual service fee
  • Roughed and tight (IP65)
  • Fault frequency calculations for bearings, Gear boxes, Belt drives, Unbalances, misalignment, Electrical motor faults

8-Channel Scanner / Protection Relay 8208

• Multi channel temperature data logger
• Multi channel temperature scanner
• Multi channel Universal Analog Input Module

4/8 Channel Weather Proof Scanner 8208-IP

• IP65 Weatherproof protection
• Weatherproof temperature scanner
• Explosion proof scanner

8 Channel Flame Proof Scanner 8208-XP

• Motor protection relay scanner
• Temperature scanner with alarm
• Flame proof temperature scanner

4-Channel Scanner / Protection Relay 8204

• Multi Channel Monitoring of Process Values
• 4 Channels Universal Input
• Built-in Isolated RS485 with Modbus RTU

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