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Auto-Tune PID Single Loop Controller 5040

Auto-Tune PID Single Loop Controller 5040
Auto-Tune PID Single Loop Controller 5040
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Masibus 5040 is much more than a controller capable for complex and demanding process control applications. It has accessibility of both hardware and software features in compact size making it a highly configurable product, offering many features found in costly programmable controllers.

5040 accepts all analog process inputs like Thermocouple, RTD, Current and Voltage as well as 4 digital inputs, remote set point and feedback resistance input. A comprehensive controlling can be implemented using four relays, four digital outputs and two analog output with any of required control algorithm like auto-tune PID, Onoff or Motorized valve control.

5040 offers field configurable Control outputs comprising of Relay o/p, SSR o/p & Analog o/p. It has total 4 Relay o/p providing a combination of alarm control output based on application requirement.

5040 offers 4 nos of open collector digital o/p used for various Alarm diagnostic o/p such as PV Input open, RS input open and VPFB Input open. Using RS485 interface desired parameters configuration and status can be communicated to SCADA/ PLC/ DCS applications. Important process values can be re-transmitted as any standard current or voltage signal.

It has Fail-safe Design protecting the process in case of system malfunctioning.

  • Universal Input selection
  • Universal output including valve positioner output
  • Autotune PID with Ratio control
  • Fast Loop response time of 250mSec
  • 4 Relay and 4 Digital outputs for Control, Alarms and events
  • 4 Digital Inputs for remote operations
  • 18 Alarm types
  • Auto/Manual selection with bumpless transfer
  • Auto-tune PID, On-Off or Motorised Valve control
  • Analog outputs for control/retransmission
  • RS485 port with Modbus RTU protocol
  • Heat treatment furnaces
  • Reheat furnaces
  • Ceramic Kilns
  • Glass Industry
  • Flow/ Pressure control
  • Distillation and Reactor control in Chemical plants
  • Water and waste water control
  • Ratio Control
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