Signal Isolator 9000L

Masibus 9000L Signal Isolator is compact yet rugged 4 wire Isolator used for reliable isolation and attenuation of industry standard field signals. 9000L is available in single or dual output models.
9000L has higher noise rejection ratio that ensures accurate and noise free signal conditioning. Its compact DIN Rail mount design occupies less space and reduces cost of overall installation.

GPS Time Sync Clocks

NTS20 Network Time Server (For IT, Surveillance and Automation System)

NTS20 Network Time Server is an Accurate, Compact NTP Time Server to synchronize IT systems, data centers, servers, automation systems, audio and video surveillance, PLC, DCS etc.

Clean Room Display Unit Manufacturers in India, Gujarat Ahmedabad.
Clean Room Monitor

Clean Room Display Unit CDU

Masibus model CDU Clean Room Display Unit is designed to measure and display Temperature, Humidity and Differential Pressure in one compact enclosure. CDU Clean Room Display Unit accepts analog input from Temperature, Humidity and Differential pressure sensors.

Temperature Transmitter

Loop Powered Temperature Transmitter TT7S10-D & TT7S10-XP

Loop Powered Temperature Transmitter TT7S10-D & TT7S10-XP Masibus Model TT7S10-D/TT7S10-XP is a 2-Wire Loop Powered & fully programmable Universal Temperature...
GPS Time Sync Clocks

MTS200R masTER Time-Sync

MTS200R masTER Time-Sync Masibus masTER Time-Sync MTS200R is capable for the time synchronization requirements in various industries like power, process,...

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