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Multifunction Power & Energy Meter 2160-A

Multifunction Power & Energy Meter 2160-A
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Multi Function Panel Meter 2160-A is an easy-to-use, cost effective electrical energy meter that offers all the basic measurement capabilities required for monitoring an electrical installation.

Multi Function Panel Meter 2160-A is available in three display options either 16 x 4 LCD or bright LED or large multi-line backlit LCD panel for superior readability in poor lighting conditions. It provides four parameters display at a same time.

Based on field requirement 2160-A offers various accuracy class options like Class 0.2s / Class 0.5s accuracy as per IS14697/ IEC 62053-22 and Class 1.0 accuracy as per Is13779/ IEC 62053-21.

The CT/PT ratio and installation type are site selectable, making it possible to use the meter in various types of three phase installations.

Multi Function Panel Meter 2160-A provides four-quadrant energy measurement along with ON (working) hour, RUN (Load) Hour, thus helping to measure and control energy cost.

More than basic metering, it optionally provides RS485 port supporting Modbus-RTU protocol, RJ45 port supporting Modnet protocol, THD measurements, Maximum Demand and Programmable pulse output.

Along with Maximum Demand option 2160-A can store Power Interruption count with (Last Power OFF & Latest Power ON) Time & Date

Meter stores energy and programmed parameters into non-volatile memory.

  • Available in Accuracy class 1.0 as per Is13779/ IEC 62053-21
  • Optional Accuracy class 0.5s or 0.2s as per IS14697/ IEC 62053-22
  • Field programmable CT/PT primary & secondary values
  • True RMS measurement
  • More than 100 Electrical parameters
  • 4×16 LCD with back-lit OR Optional 4 lines 4 digit high-visibility LED display 0.4” [10mm] to display various parameters OR Optional large multi-line backlit LCD panel
  • Isolated RS485 (Modbus-RTU protocol)
  • Digital pulse output for energy
  • Auto Scaling from Kilo to Mega to Giga watt
  • Auto Scrolling feature for easy readability for all parameters
  • Favourite page Store feature
  • Store energy register efficiently during power failure.
  • Four Quadrant measurement for PF, Power & Energy (Active & Reactive).
  • ON Hour, LOAD HOUR & IDLE HOUR register in Non-Volatile Memory
  • Password Protection for set parameters
    • Control & Relay Panels
    • Motor Control Center Panels
    • Power Control Center Panels
    • Process Control
    • DG Set panels
    • Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs)
    • HVAC & Building Management System
    • Energy Management System (EMS)
    • HV & LV Switchgear Panels
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