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Multichannel Vibration Monitor VMS4SE

Multichannel Vibration Monitor VMS4SE

Vibration Transmitter VMS4SE is an upgrade of model VMS4S; additional capabilities have been added by way of no of channels, multi-serial ports, Ethernet port, scanning speed and alphanumeric display. VMS4SE accepts input directly from ICP type Accelerometer, processes the signal and gives analog output in the form of standard current or voltage to suit different applications in Power, Cement and Metal industries; Optionally VMS4SE also accepts Universal Analog input to serve various application.

Modular and Expandable
Vibration Transmitter VMS4SE is modular in architecture and Expandable, I/O slots can accommodate a mix of Vibration Input, Analog Input, Open collector output or Relay output. All field inputs are wired by Pre-Fab cables direct into panel terminals.

Vibration Transmitter VMS4SE is used for plan wide predictive maintenance. It takes up online vibration and provides data though software. It is configured using the mVSCAN software which is very user friendly; the unit can also be edited by front keyboard and display. The unit has numeric and alpha-numeric displays for value and tag display, Alarm/Trip and control status are displayed by discrete LEDs on front fascia.

Vibration Transmitter VMS4SE comes with one RS-485 port as a standard, a second RS-485 port & an Ethernet Port are options to enhance the communication capabilities of the unit and for direct interface with PLC, DCS or SCADA

Buffer Output
Vibration Transmitter VMS4SE comes with Field interface board with Buffered output on BNC connector for analysis purpose of raw signal of Vibration input.

Alarm/ Trip
The 8 Relay outputs or 24 OC outputs can be freely mapped to any channel set points and configured as Alarm or Trip functionality with Fail-Safe or Normal Logic.

Analog Output
An optional isolated 4-20mA analog output proportional to Vibration range is available to interface with PLC/DCS/RTU for centralized monitoring and protection. Max 8 output is possible.


  • 4 / 8 channel Vibration Input Module
  • Optional 8 Channel Universal Analog Input Module
  • 3 I/P & 2 O/P Slots capacity
  • Compact and Rugged Panel Mount
  • Extruded Aluminum Chassis with IP-55 front
  • Field Configurable for Acceleration, Velocity or Displacement range
  • Fast sampling and generation of Alarm/Trip
  • User free mapping of Relay to Channels
  • Comprehensive alarm/trip logic
  • Alpha-Numeric display for programmable tag no / Engg unit
  • 2 x RS485 Serial communication ports (optional)
  • 1 x Ethernet port (optional)
  • Analog output (4-20 mA) [Optional]
  • Field interface Buffer output Module
  • Modbus RTU over serial and Modnet over Ethernet Protocols
  • Windows based free mVSCAN configuration software
  • Data logging option
  • Balance of plant vibration measurement and protection of: Cooling towers, Pumps, Motors, Gear boxes, Blowers, ID/FD/PA Fans, Air compressors & Conveyors
  • Motor/Generator/ Turbine Monitoring and Protection
  • Compressor/Pump/DG set monitoring
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