Multi Channel Scanners

4/8 Channel Weather Proof Scanner 8208-IP

• IP65 Weatherproof protection
• Weatherproof temperature scanner
• Explosion proof scanner

Multi Channel Scanners

8/16/24 Channel Scanner/Protection Relay cum Data Logger 85XX+

• Multi serial ports
• Enhanced channel scanner

Data Monitoring For Solar

String Box Monitor SBM-16

• Monitor DC current of Solar PV strings
• String Current Monitor
• Shunt based string monitoring

Data Monitoring For Solar

String Box Monitor SBM-S-1225

• Solar string monitoring Retrofit module
• CT based string monitoring
• Wireless solar string current monitoring
• Zigbee based solar string monitoring

Intelligent I/Os

MINT Intelligent Digital and Analog IOs

• Cost-effective field interface module
• High speed connectivity for system monitoring

Data Concentrator

MINT Communication Processor

• Communication Processor
• Serial Modbus-RTU Device
• Modnet Ethernet Network
Serial Modbus master parameters
Modnet Parameters of CP Module

Data Loggers

128-Channel Logger / DAQ Module 8040

• High performance datalogger
• Data logging device
• Universal analog input modules

Data Loggers

Humidity Temperature Smart Logger HT16u

• Humidity &Temperature Smart Logger
• Humidity and temperature logger software
• 21CFR part 11 compliance software
• Multiple device reports

Multi Channel Scanners

4-Channel Scanner / Protection Relay 8204

• Multi Channel Monitoring of Process Values
• 4 Channels Universal Input
• Built-in Isolated RS485 with Modbus RTU

Multi Channel Scanners

8-Channel Scanner / Protection Relay 8208

• Multi channel temperature data logger
• Multi channel temperature scanner
• Multi channel Universal Analog Input Module

Multi Channel Scanners

8 Channel Flame Proof Scanner 8208-XP

• Motor protection relay scanner
• Temperature scanner with alarm
• Flame proof temperature scanner

Data Acquisition

SMART-HT HT16u Logger Software

• Window based desktop software
• Configuration HT16u Smart Loggers
• Data collection from Logger

Data Acquisition

SMART Software

• Online Monitoring, Data Logging & Reporting
• Real Time Trend/ Historic Trend Display
• Auto Discovery of Masibus Devices

Masibus IIoT Gateway
IIot Gateway

MIG-21 IIoT Gateway

• Cost effective gateway
• Modbus serial devices to MQTT server
• Compact protocol converter cum gateway
• Modbus serial data to MQTT IIoT data

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