Multi Channel Scanner
Multi Channel Scanners

8/16/24 Channel Scanner/Protection Relay cum Data Logger 85XX+

Enhanced Data Acquisition Scanner Masibus 85XX⁺ has 8 Relay and 24 OC outputs which can be freely mapped as alarm/trip or control set point. 85XX⁺ comes with one RS485 Port as standard, a second RS485 Port, Ethernet Port & Profibus DP Port are to enhance communication.

Flame Proof Scanner
Multi Channel Scanners

8 Channel Flame Proof Scanner 8208-XP

Masibus Multi-Channel Scanner & Ex-Proof scanner 8208-XP is the most compact multi-point scanner to give full programmability and ease of operation. 8208-XP has built-in Isolated RS485 serial communication port with Modbus RTU protocol.
Masibus 8208-XP has Ex-proof protection for Gas groups IIA & lIB, IP65, Zone-1 (optional: IIC Group)

Multi Channel Scanners

4/8 Channel Weather Proof Scanner 8208-IP

Masibus Weather Proof Scanner 8208-IP offers 4 / 8 channel monitoring with advanced functions and full programming features with touch sense keys for monitoring process values and protection applications. The unit has separate Numeric displays for Channel No., Group and Process Value.

Data Loggers

128-Channel Logger / DAQ Module 8040

Masibus Model 8040- 128 Channel Data Logger/DAQ Module is a high performance Data Acquisition & Data logging Device, designed to work as a standalone unit or with PC Interface. The model has 2 serial ports dedicated for user interface, enabled with Modbus RTU protocol, one additional serial port is provided for operator terminal or HMI interface.

Multi Channel Scanners

4-Channel Scanner / Protection Relay 8204

4 Channel Scanner / Protection Relay Masibus model 8204 offers multi-channel monitoring with advanced functions and simple programming features in very compact 1/8 DIN size for monitoring process values and protection application. 8204 has flexible configuration option for 4 channels accepting universal input & 4 relays to serve various application.

Multi Channel Scanners

8-Channel Scanner / Protection Relay 8208

Masibus 8208 8-Channel Scanner / Protection Relay offers multi-channel monitoring with advanced functions and simple programming features in very compact 1/4 DIN size for monitoring process values and protection applications. 8208 has built-in Isolated RS485 serial communication port with Modbus RTU protocol.

Data Monitoring For Solar

String Box Monitor SBM-S-1225

Masibus String Box Monitor precisely measures string DC currents using DC shunts, Voltage and RTD sensors for temperature of solar PV system. Continuous monitoring of solar PV DC side helps detect loss of power and/ or efficiency and immediate rectification of faults.

Intelligent I/Os

MINT Intelligent Digital and Analog IOs

Masibus’ MINT I/O series is the most cost effective Field Interface module for Smart Systems whether it is DAS, SCADA, PLC or DCS. The MINT I/Os are available in Universal 8 channel Analog Input, 8 channel Analog Output, 16 channel Digital Input and 16 channel Digital Output.

Data Concentrator

MINT Communication Processor

The MINT CP is a Communication Processor which connects MINT-IOs and Serial Modbus-RTU Devices to a Modnet Ethernet Network. MINTPLUS configuration Software is available to configure the MINT CP fully with IP address, subnet mask, Modnet parameters and Serial Modbus master parameters.

Data Loggers

Humidity Temperature Smart Logger HT16u

The HT16u Humidity-Temperature Smart Logger is ideal for monitoring humidity and temperature of storage areas, clean rooms and buildings in Pharma and other industries. The HT16u is compact, easy to setup, accurate and most cost effective.

Data Acquisition

SMART-HT HT16u Logger Software

SMART-HT software is a windows based desktop software designed for configuring HT16u Humidity-Temperature Smart Loggers, enabling user convenient view, analyze & archive data collected from Logger through USB Port. User will have to purchase the USB Dongle Key for License to export the data.

Data Acquisition

SMART Software

• Online Monitoring, Data Logging And Reporting • Real Time Trend/ Historic Trend Display • Auto Discovery Of Masibus Devices • Auto Tag Generation Of Masibus Devices • Supports Third Party Modbus (RS485/ TCP-IP) Devices • Multiple Pre–Built Report Options • Audit Trials and Signature Manifestations
• Temper Proof Data Management

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