Digital Panel Meters

Flame-Proof pH Indicator- PHI-22-XP

Masibus’ PHI-22-XP pH Indicator is designed with the latest technology to use for online pH monitoring with auto and manual temperature compensation.
It is designed with a high input impedance signal conditioning which make pH indicator compatible with any pH electrode for accurate indication.

Flow Totalisers

6-Digit Flow Counter / Indicator / Totalizer 1006H

Masibus’ Model 1006H is compact panels mount Flow Indicator Totalizer having 6-digit single display group for flow rate and batch total. Measured parameters are displayed with high accuracy and floating decimal point position. 1006H is equipped with additional features like transmitter power supply to excite field transmitter, Isolated retransmission output for recorder

Flow Totalisers

Flow Indicator-Totalizer 1008S/ 1008S-XP

Masibus’ Model 1008S/ 1008S-XP has features and performance you will find only in high end flow computers, like high accuracy, high resolution, PT compensation and fast sampling to measure and totalize with precision even fast changing flow rates. The unit has a 5-digit flow rate display and an 8-digit batch total/ integrated total display with rollover counts.

Bar Graph Indicators

Bar Graph Indicator 40005E

The 40005E is an Enhanced version of our Legacy model 40005 Bargraph indicators, additional capabilities have been added by way of multi-serial ports, scanning speed and Relay outputs. The model is available in single channel and dual channel format.

Loop Powered Indicators

Loop Powered Indicators LPI-1

Masibus LPI-1 series Loop Powered Indicator comes in four models; LED in Panel and Wall Mount as well as LCD in Panel and Wall Mount, to suit different viewing and mounting applications. All models are two-wire loop powered and need no Auxiliary power.

Loop Powered Indicators

Flame Proof Loop Powered Indicator LPI-1-XP

Masibus LPI-1-XP Explosion Proof series Loop powered Indicator is available in two mounting types; Wall mount and 2” Pipe Mount, having LED display. Both models are two-wire loop powered and need no Auxiliary power. The voltage drop across the loop is limited to 5V maximum.

Large Display Indicator

Large Display Indicator 408-2IN

Masibus 408-2IN Indicator cum Controller has bright seven-segment 1.8” LED display for process value that can be monitored upto a distance of 20 meters. It has status LEDs for set point indication. Model 408-2IN accepts major industry standard inputs like RTD, thermocouples, mA, Volts etc.

Large Display Indicator

Large Display Indicator 409-4IN & 409-6IN

Model 409-4IN and 409-6IN are the large display Indicator which can be monitored up to distance of 160 feet (50m). Its large digit facilitates process value to be monitored across wider geographical area in plant. It has most advanced features for monitoring and communication of process status.

Clean Room Display Unit Manufacturers in India, Gujarat Ahmedabad.
Clean Room Monitor

Clean Room Display Unit CDU

Masibus model CDU Clean Room Display Unit is designed to measure and display Temperature, Humidity and Differential Pressure in one compact enclosure. CDU Clean Room Display Unit accepts analog input from Temperature, Humidity and Differential pressure sensors.

Filter Display

Filter Display Unit FDU

The Filter Display Unit FDU can measure/ display differential pressure for up to three Filters using inbuilt sensors and is designed to give fast & accurate display of differential pressure across the Filters. FDU has up to 3 dedicated 4-digit seven segment, 0.56” Red LED displays to display PRE, FINE and HEPA Filters readings.

Digital Panel Meters

Digital Indicator 406/406L/408-M

Masibus’ Digital Indicator 406 and 408-M is a micro-controller based 4 digit process indicator, designed to accept multiple input types. Model 406 has 0.56″ display size and model 408-M has 0.8″ display size which facilitates plant operator to read process data very conveniently from a far distance.

Digital Panel Meters

Process Indicator 409

Masibus 409 is a micro-controller based 5 digit process indicator, designed to accept multiple input types and two programmable set points with individual relays. Model 409 is a stable & rugged indicator, the first choice of OEMs and end users. It is easy to operate and configuration is user friendly.

Digital Panel Meters

409-W Strain Gauge Indicator

Masibus’ 409-W Strain Gauge Indicator accepts strain gauge signal form strain gauge sensors such as load cells, pressure transducers and torque sensors and provide alarms, indicates value and also converts into selected DC voltage or current output allowing direct connection to PLC’s, dataloggers & displays

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